Lesson Learned: Don’t Be a Tease

Skipping out to get stoned, you

held my hand, pulled me along,

and we crossed the parking lot

undetected, my hero

we slipped into a grey van

along with four other kids

spark that doobie, pass it on…

I was a virgin, fourteen

with a crush on you,

your ginger hair, wry smile

I believed you liked me, too

jacket tossed over my lap,

your searching fingers pierced me

and I bit my bottom lip,

worried I would bleed

enough for you to notice

I made a noise mistaken

and you kissed my ear–wet tongue;

you said I was beautiful

amongst your friends who smiled

high, and in the loop

I did not know what you did,

a practiced boy my senior

and when we parked, I begged you,

“please don’t,” but you did get off

thrusting hard between my breasts

squeezed, a consolation prize–

the least I owed for being

a fucking cock tease.




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