Musings on Shame



painted behind my eyelids

like graffiti



pounding in my ears

like uneven footsteps



taste in my mouth

bitter and metallic



pain in my gut

like the hounds of hell

chewing their way in

and then back out again



tattoo marking

my taint, my uncleanness




of my unworthiness



caustic word

that pulses in my


when I am so


I believe that no one could possibly

ever love me

including myself

especially myself. . .


I know that survivors

are so much more

than the sum

of our experiences

But for those of us

whose boundaries

were not respected

Whose personal integrity

was violated

Whose bodies

were made alien to us

were made “Other” to us

leaving us at times

to view our VERY bodies

as no longer offering

the safety

of home

of sanctuary

This can be a hard lesson

to remember

THAT is a shame.


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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