Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: More than Breath and Bone/Rubani

Rubani/Brave and Reckless

Brave and Reckless

It’s hard to keep going when I don’t feel comfortable within my own skin,

Every night I peel layer after layer only to end up where I began.

You slam your body against mine to show me you love me,

But even if I let you command my skeleton, my heart is not for sale.

I channel through all the conflicts desperately clutching onto my amygdala,

Yet somehow the usual stillness of the night becomes a raging war at aurora.

So don’t blame me when I weep after you’ve laid claim to my hollow husk,

The memories keep hauling me back to a chaotic state of flux.

Because I still think of him when the nightmares unravel their talons from me,

I can hear his whispers saying, “You are more than breath and bone to me.”​

I am a combination of many broken pieces glued together. My only escape are…

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