Petrissage, Effleurage, Tapotement, Friction, Vibration/Ward Clever

gliding over epidermis
newly exposed under
careful fingers touching
expertly soothing simmering
procedures manifest physically
reduction relaxation stress
trauma shock paralyze
smoothing over discomfort
limb from branch unknown origin
damage control pressure point
toxic toxins…

banter minimum
restful slumber temporarily
tranquil oils sensate tactile
sensation shed second skin
third eye chakra
stretching bending trust required
nothing caresses thoughts harmful
bended mind broken repaired
blood flowing freeing
sanguinary body blockage
barrier floating…

covering up processes
continue music flows
vein to artery
muscle fibers tear heal reform
replenish convincing senses
tingle processes continue
under cotton fibers hidden
working breathing slowed
slumber recovery respite
before opening doors
to real world commingling
frustrating centerpiece…


Mr. Clever describes himself as a struggling romance addict, winding down on a Lady Gaga song.  He writes at Ward Clever: Demons, Unicorns, and Cupid’s Assassins


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