I can’t go downstairs. If I do, something bad will happen. The bad things always happen downstairs.

I remain where I am. In my upstairs room. The door locked and a small lamp burning. Everything should be fine.

A door slams and my heart slams too.

He is back.

I keep quiet. But keeping quiet is never foolproof. I exist in my self-made silence but no amount of silence can guarantee safety.

The world is a dangerous place.

So is this house.

For me, the house is my world. It’s really all I know.

His knocks on the door slay my slamming heart.

I hide in my silence, fully aware it doesn’t matter. It never does.

He keys the door open and enters.

I say nothing, as usual. Saying anything makes it worse.

I want to morph into nothingness. Then I would be perfect.

He comes over and tugs on…

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