Catch My Drift?

foghorn drifts mournfully

woven with clumsy fumbling

of work-roughened arthritic fingers

through twilight’s dampening cloak

pea soup muffled

crickety creaks signal

fishing craft

stealing between docks

along wave – sloshed shores

I am adrift

a leaky vessel

crudely crafted

of longed-for yesterdays

and lost tomorrows


bereft of oars

I float haphazard


between banks and frigates


splintering stem to stern

chum-spattered and flagging

I flounder

in churning wake

near swamping among

longships and merchant mariners

dragon masted

obliteration looms

delirious, I am hoisted

by arms smoothly sinewy


on deck of a

shieldmaiden warship






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