Meet a Warrior: Introducing Dom

The strength of Blood Into Ink is the writers who gather here. Each member is fierce, talented and incredibly respectful and supportive of others living with a history of trauma. We believe that their stories will move and inspire you




Where do you live? Thoughts about it?

I stay in Michigan. And, honestly? As much as I hate the winter, there is something amazing about having all 4 seasons. Michigan is an emotional bitch when it comes to the climate.

Tell us about yourself

Well, I am a breast cancer survivor and a mother of two. I also pick up dead people for a living… (This is what I say at every first date now)…I am a silly person, I love to laugh and make others laugh… but when you put a pen in my hand or a keyboard at my fingertips, I will write life or death into whatever is on my mind. It is a blessing… but it is also a curse.

Fun Facts

*My three year olds mouth can put a sailor to shame.. *Some days when people drive me crazy. I leave the house with only my notebook. No phone. *Even though my pieces are bold.. i’m actually pretty shy when I meet people*I’m left handed*

Tell us about your blog

I started Bold, Beat… &Nipless in April of 2017

What motivated you to start your blog?

Well, after cancer treatment I felt alone… too much was lost, and too many people abandoned me… I was ready to just…well… I was ready to just die. I didn’t see the point of life after because I fought so hard for my life for no one to care. I mean, sure I was supposed to be happy to be alive, and I have children, but their light was blinded by all the bullshit in my head… So I started blogging… and people started listening… and then I was saving myself through my words.

What keeps you blogging at Bold, Beat. . .&Nipless?

I love having a following of people who get motivation from my words… sharing my truth is SO freeing… and it’s addicting

Dom and kids.jpg

Why did you get involved with Blood Into ink?

Well, through my blog I dealt with the fact that I was sexually assaulted at 14 by my step father… whom my mother is still married to… I wrote some STRONG ass pieces dealing with this… I feel that I did write my blood into ink… how could I not be here?

What does it mean to be a “Warrior Voice of Survival”?

Those who have conquered a war, one that they should have never had fight in the first place have a different type of swagger to them… we are different. Our words are different, we breathe testimony.

Tell us about your writing goals

I want a larger audience, I would love to be a household name, and for people to wait anxiously for my next piece.

What is your writing process and routine?

I have to just sit… and close my eyes… I ask myself “What’s not right with you Dom?” and I go from there… that’s one way.

The other way is to REACT to what happened to me either past or present with words.

Has your writing appeared in print?

No… but dear God…. I know its coming. I feel it.

Talk to us about what you like to read

I like books that talk about women or men who were the black sheep in life, and they make it. That’s me.. I guess I like reading books where I could replace the character with myself.


Tell us about three of your favorite blogs to follow

Brave and Reckless

My Sword and Shield

and A Journal for Damned Lovers

I love them because they are REAL… and honest… and they stab me in the stomach and treat my wounds

Tell us which pieces of your own writing are your favorites

finally beautiful…

Superhero Strength.

Because… today I am the shit

Any final thoughts for the Blood Into Ink readers?

I write my truth… all of it, even that dirty part… the one that makes me not so pretty on the inside… I am not afraid of my past, I am only scared to not move past it.

4 thoughts on “Meet a Warrior: Introducing Dom

  1. I didn’t think it was possible to love this Lady any more than I do….but damn, I guess I was wrong.

    Dom, you are one hell of a Warrioress and I’m proud to have met you. Thank you for mentioning my blog here…i am so honored to be thought of by someone as amazing as you.
    I hope you keep that beautiful smile on that face and those faces of your Beautiful children. All my best.

    Liked by 1 person

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