Penumbra-Olde Punk


Dedicated to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  My prayers and sorrow are with you.  You are warriors, all.

set the scene

blue ambiance

with pale ambivalence

a certain moral turpitude

conducted with panache

aghast, but abide

take it all, in stride


I am penumbral


deposed by disposition

ruefully relegated

to tidal gray

or grey

dependent upon your gravitational

mood this day

baleful and ruinous

this love professed

As I suffer harmful hands

bladed words piercing

ears heart soul

reaping ravages depraved

seeping chi slowly bleeds

into my pride

the thorn in my side

is the fang of a snake

mandala of calamity

engraved over the name

my mother gave me

God knows this

is not my fault

but caught I was

unaware, impaired

and weak with trust

cursed by my absence of worry

and seven times seven damned


thinking the shield of faith

could save me

I am not to blame

but in breath same

ugly, unjust



weeps from my

hollowed chest

and of the rest

I will speak no more

Penumbral I live

the shadows of a shadow

within the dark

there does lay in tinder

a burning ember, in crippled heart

I tenderly nurse

this spark

will one day speak

of my rage

and upon my own stage

this wraith of a shadow

shall become a Star

image courtesy of Maria Tamrazova and Pinterest


Please visit RamJet Poetry to read more of OldePunk’s fierce writing

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